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Best Sublimation for T-shirts (2023) Complete guidance

06-Jan-2023- 5 min read

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation is a general term that physical state changes. In science, sublimation is the direct change from a solid to a gaseous state. It does not pass through the normal liquid state and exists only at certain temperatures and pressures.

Sublimation printing is a method of transferring colors to transfer paper using a specific type of dye (sublimation dye). The ink is then transferred with heat to a suitable material such as sublimation so that the ink penetrates the substrate and becomes one. Specifically, the warmth opens the pores of the fabric and turns the ink into a gas. Then the material turns into a solid once again.

Apart from the material used for sublimation, one of the main limitations of sublimation is the color of the fabric. Since sublimation is essentially a dyeing process. So, you will get the best results when the fabric is white or light-colored. If you want to print on dark shirts or dark materials. So, you are better off going with a digital printing solution.

On the opposite hand, the sublimation t-shirt printing technique is greater high priced than different methods. Yet lasts longer and doesn't crack or peel over time. As we mentioned above, sublimation produces a crisp, full-color print that will last for years. However, you can look terrible if you don't choose the right t-shirt.

Materials for making the best shirts for sublimation.

You can find thousands of different materials for t-shirts. But only certain types are suitable for sublimation printing. We review the suitability of the most popular fabrics for sublimation printing.


We confirm that polyester is the best fabric for making the best shirts. Although polyester isn't always the selection for direct printing on clothing. But it is the best fabric to make the best shirts.

This man-made material is durable, strong, short drying, lightweight and comfortable. It is one of the most used fabrics for fast fashion. Similarly, for polyester blended fabrics, the higher the polyester content. Sublimation print designs will be just as vibrant. We guarantee that the 100% polyester t-shirts will keep your designs vibrant and lasting forever.


Cotton is one of the famous substances for t-shirts. But 100% cotton is not ideal for the best printing on your garment.

Sublimation printing works on this soft fabric. However, the problem here comes from the print's durability on the shirt. With just the first wash, the printed image of the cotton shirts will fade quite a bit.

To combat this problem, you can use a spray to enhance the performance of sublimation printing on cotton. However, it may cause allergic reactions in users with sensitive skin. Moreover, these shirts will also fade after multiple washes.

Another problem with cotton is shrinkage. Cotton can shrink when exposed to any heat, including washing and drying. Because of this, your cotton t-shirt won't retain a soft feel after washing. Meanwhile, polyester remains soft and does not shrink.

Finally, sublimation printing limits the styles you can apply to your cotton shirts. So, you can switch to using items made of polyester or polycotton blends (polyester mixed with cotton).

Sublimation method of printing shirts

  • Regular cotton

Cotton is often a popular choice for t-shirts. Cotton shirts made from natural fibers hold up better and last longer through multiple washes than synthetic shirts. It can work for exaltation. But it is better when you use other printing methods directly on the garment.

  • Ring-spun cotton

Dye-spun cotton is a premium fabric for sublimation printing on t-shirts. It is called ring spinning because cotton fibers are tightly twisted during this process to produce a stronger, thinner, and more comfortable finished product. It smooths the surface better for more vibrant, high-quality prints.

  • Combed cotton.

When cotton is "combed" it means that all impurities have been removed from the fabric before it is spun. This process produces the strongest, softest, and most pleasant high-satisfactory cotton for sublimation printing on t-shirts. Cotton can be combed and spun for highly durable shirts.

  • Poly cotton blend

Polyester is the best fabric for sublimation printing. But cotton also has its advantages in terms of fabric. To combine these benefits, polyester, and cotton blend fabric will be the best solution for making the best shirts.

Which material to choose depends on your desired results. If you want a very vibrant and attractive design, a fabric with high polyester content will be the best choice. With a lower percentage of the polyester content, you will get a more matte and classic-looking t-shirt.

In particular, you cannot achieve a matte design with a 100% polyester shirt because more ink is absorbed and retained. The designs are always lively and bold. But with 65% polyester shirts it will take on a faded classic look, especially after a few washes. Additionally, shirts with this ratio will be significantly softer and less see-through than 100% polyester shirts.

Therefore, many people conclude that a fabric with a 65% polyester blend will make the best shirts for exaltation.

If you mix something 50-50 or less. So the product will not get the best results. Especially with 50% poly and 50% cotton shirts 50% of the sublimation transfers to the actual shirt and 50% of the image on the shirt washes out in the first wash. The same goes for other mixing ratios. The more cotton, the more likely your print will bleed.


Three types of cloth are a combination of three different types. Usually a blend of cotton, polyester, and rayon. These shirts are super soft and have a little stretch to them. Although triple fusion is not the first choice for sublimation printing. But you can get good quality prints on them, and they are a slightly more cost-effective t-shirt option.

Sublimation works well with polyester. This is why the best shirts for sublimation are 100% polyester or shirts with a high poly/cotton ratio (ideally 65%). The better the polyester, the extra colorful and long-lasting the color. But if you want the distressed or classic print. So a low polyester ratio may be best for your needs.


Sublimation is your hobby or are you using it for commercial purposes? Choosing sublimation for t-shirts depends on your personal preferences. It is recommended to consider your desired features and budget before searching the market. Now it's your turn to choose the right sublimation for t-shirts.


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