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how to make a Custom puff print hoodie design?

08-Jan-2023- 5 min read

What is Puff Ink?

Puff ink is a type of screen-printing ink mixed with a heat-activated foaming agent. The ink prints flat like a standard print. But then as the garment goes under the dryer. The ink spreads and begins to puff upwards. This puff method is especially effective on custom t-shirts, hoodies, and crew neck sweatshirts.

How to use puff ink in your next design
Puff ink printing works like standard printing (and you can use it on most base garments/fabrics), until dry. However, it does offer some unique opportunities to customize your design. Let's say you have a 2-color design. Perhaps you choose to print one color in standard water-based ink, and the other color in a puff for accent effects. Contrasting your puff design with other flat elements can make puff elements stand out even more.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to puff ink is that the thicker the better. Puff shines in chunky text with heavy lines, large design elements, etc. in large applications. Smaller elements and thinner lines can be more susceptible to warping and won't have as much of a 3D effect as larger designs. The rewards of puff printing fine-line designs may not outweigh the risks.
An additional (potential) challenge to note regarding Puff Ink is color matching. Additives that make your design puff up from the fabric can also change the color of the ink slightly, making it difficult to create a perfect Pantone match in some cases.

Why do we use puff prints for hoodies?

Bold and unique in a world where standing out is harder than ever to compete, the puff is perfect for statement pieces and for taking a simple design to the next level.

Minimal effort, maximum impact

The fact that simple designs thrive in Puff Ink applications is great news for you (and your design team). You'd be surprised how much wow factor a basic block text on the chest of a puffy t-shirt or sweatshirt adds. Save yourself the stress of creating a unique design and let the puff take care of turning heads instead.

How does it work?

Puff ink provides a third-dimensional component to display printing on garments. With this kind of ink, you could take a look at the same show printing steps as printing with stander water-based overall inks.
You can use puff ink throughout the artwork, or you can choose specific elements or colors of the design to give it the desired effect of drawing more attention or 'highlighting' a particular part of the artwork.
One of the downsides of printing with puff inks is that it is difficult to match the exact colors of Pantone inks, unlike when using water-based inks. This is because the puff ink additive converts different colors in different ways. However, in general, lighter Pantone colors are lighter than darker colors.

How to wash a puff print shirt?

  • Always consider exposing the item indoors in advance than washing it.
    If possible, use a slight washing powder or liquid.
    Wash preferably cold.
    keep dry In general, it's best to avoid the mess drying out.
    Finally, do not iron the puff-printed part of the shirt.
    Use cases for puff printing.

Earlier, we mentioned puff-printed t-shirts with visual impact. A puff print t-shirt is one of the only printed garments that can be elevated with a spot of puff screen printing ink. You can use this method on shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and more Even tote bags address a cutting-edge length with some expertly applied puff screen printing ink.
Now, many different printing techniques. In some ways, puff screen printing can be considered quite a space. But, you are probably amazed at its popularity. Fashion and branding are obvious areas in which it makes an impression. But, it appeals to any project where you want added impact. For example, custom work ware. That puff print t-shirt is amazing. A place for users to talk. If you're thinking about printing a company logo, it's a technique worth considering.

Taking care of your puff design

Puff has been around in apparel for a while now but is currently on the rise in popularity and that growth is only expected to continue. Now adding puffs to your design will help you get past the inevitable wave of puffs.
Taking care of your puff design
To care for your puff print and make it last as long as possible, we recommend washing it inside out in cold water. Applying any type of high heat to the garment (standard tumble drying, ironing, direct steaming, etc.) can alter the puff effect. So drying on a cool setting or hanging dry will increase longevity.

Advantages of puff printing

Well, let's quickly look at some of the positives of this particular approach to printing.

  • Puff screen printing inks are compatible with Pantone color matching. So a good option when color accuracy is important.
    Being a relatively fast process, it is possible to print in large quantities. Especially relevant for large orders where costs need to be kept under control.
    It accommodates designs with multiple colors. Also, not all designs need to be puff printed.
    Always important, this form of print is durable. Provided clothing is taken care of.
    Last but not least, the puff print can be applied to most textiles.

I want to make it clear that if you want to make your puff into a design, you have to be a creative maker. It is also very important to know the temperature of your clothes before giving them. Some fabrics are very thin or light. So in such a case, it is better if you avoid puffing. On the other hand, whenever you are using puff ink for heavyweight fabric. You can easily heat and customize your design.


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