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What is custom embroidery, and how is it done? (2023)

17-Jan-2023- 5 min read

Embroidery is an ancient art that has come a long way with technological innovation. It can dramatically enhance the quality and appearance of a product and create a lasting image that will influence the world. However, at the end of the day, it's just a thread sewn onto the fabric. Hence intricate and small designs can pose a problem for a clean Custom embroidered look.

What is Custom embroidery?

Custom Embroidery is a popular method of decoration where your logo or design is stitched onto the fabric using a needle and polyester thread.

Embroidery is the process of sewing an image or design onto a fabric. Any image, word, or shape can be embroidered on any material using a variety of threads. Often, embroidery is used to display business names or logos on garments for similar purposes. Embroidery is often used on various types of clothing for merchandise and advertising.

You can have your logo embroidered on custom hats, hoodies, golf shirts, jackets, and bags. The embroidery fee is based absolutely on the sort of stitches in your logo. Using special embroidery machines, you can create any embroidery design for stitching (absolutely digitally). The image will take shape and appear permanently on the article of clothing. The machine will then transfer the image onto the selected garment using a series of clusters or stitches.

Custom embroidery preparation

Custom embroidery options are as diverse and variable as the ideas that create them. There are many specific details to consider when ordering custom embroidery, including:

Where should we get the embroidery done?

Where will the embroidery be needed? Generally, most embroidery is done for similar purposes. which shows the company name or logo or the employee's name or rank. There are some places where the embroidery is done, and most of them are found on the front of the dress.

Such as,

  • On the top or chest pocket
  • In the center of the chest (under the neck).
  • On one or each sleeve (above the elbow or under the shoulder)
  • Alternatively, some companies have a large logo or name on the back that runs along the shoulders and below the collar. This is ideal for businesses whose employees have their backs on the customer.

Design details

The specific details found in a design can prove difficult with embroidery. Any design with small text or dots will be difficult to achieve with accuracy. Gradients and shading also prove difficult. This is due to the threading nature of the fabric used in sewing. For this reason, most embroidered logos include thick lines, solid colors, or words. In general, it is good practice to ensure that all lines are at least 0.3 cm thick, and that text is at least 0.5 cm high.

What should be the color design of the custom embroidery?

Although not every color is available. Embroidery can replicate most of them. Using specially dyed threads can help create almost any shade. Although solid colors are ideal, most embroidery uses black, white, or red as common colors.

What should be the custom embroidery size?

The location will largely determine the size of the embroidery being stitched. Logos in the center of the chest or back are better than larger ones. Designs are small or simple, with pocket or sleeve embroidery. Large designs can be great for clothing. While smaller ones may be tough to see.

As the size of the logo shrinks. So too should be the design on which the embroidery will be done. It's a good idea to keep this in mind for logo design. Some companies choose alternative designs when they are made smaller.


If you decide to do an embroidery project. So, talk to an experienced custom embroidery shop and get some samples of their past work so you can see their quality. Send your design to the shop and make sure it can be embroidered to your satisfaction.


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