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Best Polyester Hoodie for Sublimation and how to make Sublimation hoodie.

20-Jan-2023- 3 min read

If you're looking for sublimated hoodies Data Flow clothing can be customized and is an eco-friendly alternative. Hoodies can be customized by using full sublimation printing. This allows you to distinguish yourself from the crowd and also have a garment that's lightweight, durable, and comes with a 4-way stretch to provide practicality. Sublimation printing lets the use of your logo, design, and branding. You can also feel confident that the hoodie you design will be of high quality and will not tear or fade. We are aware that the protection of your skin is one of the main issues for anyone who is outdoors. Our hoodies made of sublimation are manufactured using U.V. It protects against the sun's harmful rays.

Quality of sublimation hoodie

  • 100% Dry polyester that fits.
  • Soft fabric that is stretchy and soft
  • High-performance athletic fitness
  • Color that is long-lasting and bright.
  • No peeling, fading, or cracking following multiple items of washing or sweating.
  • UV protection from UV
  • Sublimation full-color printing (front and reverse of the hoodie)
  • It is available with (or not with) fleece Lining.

What is Sublimation?

Sublimation refers to the method of applying dye onto fabric by heating. Graphics and images can be printed using special papers put on the fabric and heated up which allows the ink to be absorbed into the fabric. This results in the most breathable and soft skin feel and a more comfortable fit.

How to Make Sublimation Hoodies?

For sublimation hoodies to be made, you'll need a hoodie with a high-polymer count with a light shade. My hoodie is a Sublimation hoodie purchased from Amazon however, you can also make use of any hoodie lighter in shade and has a higher number of polyesters. I would recommend at minimum at least 65% polyester.

Also, you will require an image printed with sublimation. It is a picture printed using sublimation ink on sublimation papers, by the sublimation printer. When I design Hoodies, I love to include images in the front pocket on the chest. It will add something special to the design of the hoodie.

Adding Sublimation Designs to Sublimation Hoodies

To create my hoodie, I'm using the three sublimation print options. The first one is a normal sublimation print that is for the chest only. Since the size I wanted to fit on one sheet of paper, I was able to print that entire area in one press.

In the pocket, I'm using a print with a matching design that I printed two times because the pockets for the hoodie are so huge that one print isn't enough to be enough to cover the entire thing.

How do I join multiple prints with sublimation?

As you might have observed, my prints are white with a black background. I'm not great at joining sublimation prints once backgrounds are colored. As I add my pieces together, I prefer to use an uncolored background for the moment. I believe this is a great method to start collecting prints made with sublimation.

In my pocket design, I'm trying to completely cover my pocket. I want my stars to be filled and not cut off around the edges. To achieve this I'm cropping my image to ensure it will fit inside and can fit into the pocket's seam. I made this adjustment on all four sides of the print.

Combination of sublimation prints on the pocket of the sublimation hoodie.

I'm combining two 8.5 11"' prints to line my pockets. For you to ensure that your prints will fit into the seams of the pockets in the hoodie. The print should be placed over the pocket and sense or see the seam of the pocket. It is possible to use your scissors to make a slit in the print. You can use this as a reference to cut around the print. Simply fold the print inwards along the seam, and then continue to fold that way to cut off any excess.

Any way you want to crop your image. Make sure that the entire image fits in the pocket's seam. As I'm taking my photos there's a good chance that there's a part of the middle which is kept empty. In terms of my hoodie, I'm pleased with the final design. If you don't want white spots, you could cut out additional stars and attach them to the spaces between.

Press Sublimation Prints on the Hoodie

To attach the sublimation prints to my hoodie with sublimation print, I've used my Cricut Auto Press. The auto press is the largest source of heat I own.

Begin by putting a piece of paper in the hoodie's pocket, so that the highlighter's ink does not leak out from the pocket. Also, you'll need some protective paper to put inside the shirt when we press on the chest. The entire pocket and chest area where sublimation prints will be at 385 degrees for approximately 10 seconds. For my hoodie with sublimation, I am unable to press the entire image simultaneously, so I'll press each image at a time.

After preheating the lint is completely covered the entire surface. Add the sublimation prints. Utilize heat tape to keep the image in place. I prefer to cover the seams with tape if can. If the tape shows marks but it's only on the seams and will not be as obvious.

After everything is taped in place, place the protective paper and switch off the automatic press. Bake at 385 ° for 55 minutes. To make the pocket part on the sweatshirt I prefer to turn the hoodie upside-down in the press auto so that most of the hoodie will be hanging over on the front.

After the first press, which took 55 seconds, is complete, carefully remove the pocket to press the second one. Remove the protective sheet and sublimation prints once the second press is completed.

Printing sublimation on the chest area of sublimation Hoodies

To apply the design to the chest of my sublimation sweatshirt, I'm planning to flip the hoodie over and then move the hood downwards in an auto-press. I'm not wanting seams or the hood's metal parts in the press.

The same steps should be followed,

  • The pre-press and lint roll

Also, add sublimation printed on the Hoodie. I'm planning on adding foam inside the hoodie to reduce any marks caused by pressing. I put it inside my hoodie, and then placed a piece of protective paper over it to keep it safe from ink transfer. I like folding the sublimation image in half so that I can create an approximate center line that can be aligned in the middle of the hoodie. Be sure that it's in the exact direction I would like it to be. Make sure the foam is underneath the print on every side.

Put the protective sheet over the entire image. Press the hoodie at 385 degrees for about 55 minutes. If the auto press is displayed. I can take off the protective paper and the sublimation print. My sublimation hoodie has been completed.

How remove press marks?

The sublimation process is done. I can take it off of an auto press and examine it for any marks from the press. Press marks can appear in the area where the sublimation print is or around the edge of the press.

To get rid of press marks, I prefer to heat the Easy Press Mini to the third set and then run it over the press marks. The sublimation won't come back until you keep the press at a single position for a prolonged period.

Then, go around the whole shirt and then punch out all the press marks. I prefer taking time to examine the shirt from various angles to determine whether there are any press marks. Then, remove them. This is a method to eliminate press marks and it was a great idea for this hoodie made of polyester.

Benefits of Sublimated Hoodies
  • Garments don't show signs of fading or creasing. They do not show fading or fade due to the high precision of printing with full sublimation.
  • They are then heated, then blended with the material. The result is the fabric is 85% polyester and 15 percent (spandex) the real shade of your personalized sublimation clothing.
  • Sublimation printing on garments allows you to design your Hoodie to resist peeling, fading, or even tearing since the ink absorbs the material.
  • The hot dye sublimation printing process is more time-consuming due to the precise placement of your personalized design on the hoodie. Custom dyeing for every centimeter of the fabric.


I am very happy with how the hoodie came out. I am in love with the pocket that has the stars. The white spaces between them that I mentioned earlier. I believe that's all I could alter by removing it. To create your sublimation hoodie, you'll need an image for the chest as well as an image that is coordinating with the pockets. Are you prepared to create the most amazing hoodies for the fall season? Even if you don't have the same size press as an automatic press you can still create sublimation Hoodies. I was able to print the pocket using two presses with no problems. I believe you can press the pocket three times to place the image in the pockets of the hoodie. Don't be scared by this design even if do not have a heating device. Be sure to cover the entire surface as well as press in a uniform manner if you are required to do more pressing than one time.


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