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Best Sublimation printing on sweatshirts (2023)

12-Jan-2023- 5 min read

Sublimation printing is a method of printing on sweatshirts, which are washable, permanent dryable, fade-resistant, and washable. The sublimation design isn't going to tear or peel if you tear the fabric. Be aware that if you apply sublimation ink, or ink that is not sublimated on t-shirts (not white) it's transparent ink. The color of the shirt is likely to be visible through the print.

However, it's not difficult to sublimate sweatshirt fabric in general. Here are some guidelines and steps to finish this polishing process properly. The most important reason behind the issue with sublimation is the use of sublimation-specific ink. Sublimation inks that are used in normal processes are unable to form any type of chemical bond to any surface on the material.

So, the whole cotton sublimation process requires the use of transparent ink. These are the special varieties of inks used specifically for the process of sublimation using printing. In the case of sublimation printing on sweatshirts the style of sweatshirt you pick will make a huge difference to the finished product.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation is a process of printing that involves the transfer of ink on clothing using the pressure and heat of a sublimation printer. The ink is then an indestructible element of fabric. resulting in dynamic, long-lasting designs. Sublimation is the use of chemicals; it is then bonded to the garment.

Begin sublimating sweatshirt printing on cotton:

  • The next step is to elevate ourselves. The temperature of the heat press is 385 F You'll need lower it for five seconds to pre-press. Here we go.
  • Now, you've got an image that you have printed onto transfer paper.
  • Next, place the transferred image face down on the sweatshirt's top then cover it with parchment paper, then press at 385F for 70 seconds.
  • Take the parchment paper off, and then slowly strip the transfer off of one side and let it cool.
  • Finally, the sublimation print on the sweatshirt is waiting for you.

Sublimation sweatshirts are printed using two different methods of printing.

Polishing cotton fabrics can be achieved by a variety of methods. However, the quality of the printed images is not guaranteed.

I'll tell you about two methods that you can employ to create perfect cotton shirts.

Polyester is a particular kind of polymer. Although polymer materials are simple to celebrate. Because sublimation inks are easily attached to the surfaces of these types of materials.

Therefore, using a smaller amount of polyester in an extensive coating of cotton fabrics can help them keep the ink. This means that sublimation ink is easily bonded to the cotton material, and designs can be made.

What should you be looking for when purchasing a sweatshirt that is sublimated?

When you're trying to find the perfect sweatshirt, select sweatshirt blanks that are either polyester or polyester blends. But it is important to note that not all sweatshirts are designed identically when it comes to the sublimation print. Here are some points to take into consideration when picking the most appropriate prom sweatshirts.


Polyester and synthetic fabrics are great fabrics for sublimation printing. There are a variety of designs of sweatshirts. Polyester is a smooth and uniform surface that permits the ink to stick quickly and uniformly.


It is possible to create perfect sweatshirts and hoodies using at the very least a blend of 50/50 poly. The blend results won't be as vibrant as 100 100% polyester.

100% synthetic

Sublimation inks will look the most vivid in 100% cotton sweatshirts, as well as sweatshirts with hoods. For prints that are all over (front and back and sleeves, etc.) I suggest 100% polyester for enhancing the look of your sweatshirts or hoodies.


A white sweatshirt or shirt can give you the best results and the most beautiful designs. My favorite colors are dark. to wear, however. However, for dark colors that make an impact, you must begin with white sweatshirts, blank hoodies, or hoodies and allow the ink to be the darkest hue for the design. If you're planning to print sublimation that is not all over or sweatshirts, you can select various colors within the spectrum of light to highlight your design stunningly.


Selecting a sweatshirt or hoodie from a trusted company with a proven track record is vital to creating high-quality clothes. You can find high-quality clothes at the lowest costs.

What Color Sweatshirts Can You Sublimate?

If you are looking for an all-over look like camo. Therefore, you must print it on white sweatshirts or hoodies. The design is what creates the color that you see on the sweatshirt that is sublimated.

If you're looking to highlight just one area of your sweatshirt, you could choose a lighter shade. Medium gray is about as dark as I can go. Your design will therefore appear. I like royal blue, light gray, and army green for "partial" highlight colors (no more).

If you're wondering why you've seen shirts made of polyester that has all black and lighter colors, bears in mind that these sweatshirts and shirts are all white. The black that you see is ink that has sublimation.

Sublimation sweatshirt ideas that are truly revolutionary for printing


In general, when it is sublimation printing sweatshirts, it is crucial to pick apparel made of synthetic material. It should be comfortable. They should be medium to heavy weight and of good quality. Blended sublimation printing on the sweatshirts and shirts can be dyed green. However, the more amount of synthetic fabric, such as polyester, the greater outcomes.


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