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Custom Puff Print Hoodies in US

09-Jan-2023- 4 min read

Puff ink is a form of screen-printing ink mixed with a heat-activated foaming component. It's not technically ink. Just like a normal print, the ink is printed flat. However, once the garment dries, the ink spreads and starts to puff up. It ultimately appears as a three-dimensional raised structure that is distinct from the rest of the fabric.

The quality of the fabric is important

Hoodies are popular because they are comfortable to wear. So, if your material isn`t of remarkable quality. So the whole purpose of a custom hoodie is lost It doesn`t rely on what form of content material you choose. Cotton or woolen, make sure the quality of the fabric is excellent.

The high-quality fabric also guarantees the durability of the hoodie and not only the hoodie but also the design will last. Hoodies are fun clothing. But these days, when paired with jackets they are also accepted as formal wear. Therefore, the quality of the fabric is better. So they appear exactly on all occasions.

Custom hoodies offer a glimpse into your true self and that's why their designs should have your signature style. If you print more than one hoodie. So you can save money because printing companies often set aside a certain amount for a certain number of shirts. Therefore, printing more hoodies helps. A great printing company will help you design the most amazing and unique hoodies that everyone will love.

Fabric Material of Puff Print Hoodies:

100% cotton, 95% cotton, and 5% spandex (for slim fit style), 100% polyester, CVC (65% cotton and 35% polyester), AB (25 cotton and 75% polyester), or as per customer.100% cotton fabric, or according to your specifications. This custom puff printing hoodie has many instant benefits, including quick drying, comfort, antibacterial properties, and never fading.

Tips for a unique and stylish Custom hoodie:

Choose a style.

There are two styles of hoodies. A pullover or hoodie with a zip. The difference is that one you can pull and the other comes with a zipper facility. Both are clean and comfortable to wear.

If you are ordering hoodies for a sporting event, zip-up hoodies are best because they are easy to unzip and remove when not needed. Zip-up hoodies are more like jackets. If the weather permits, you can keep the zipper open and make it like a jacket. Pullovers are worn like t-shirts and can be used as Layers for winter and wear your hoodie. However, pullover hoodies are more comfortable.

Identify the message.

Do you have a theme or occasion? For example, if you are designing a hoodie for a promotional event, friend reunion, or family gathering, this is your theme. If you are customizing hoodies for your personal use, think about a central message you want to convey.

Plan your design.

Once you've decided on a theme, it's time to add images or text, or both. Choose appropriate elements to help convey your message effectively.

For example, if you want to convey a message of peace, you don't need to write the word 'peace' on your hoodie, but you can display a picture of a white dove or Mahatma Gandhi, and a short quote on peace.

Try handmade art.

One of the most impressive customization tricks for a hoodie is creating artwork. By hand, draw a design or doodle, and take a photo. Get it on your hoodie and go! You have your one-of-a-kind hoodie. You don't need to be a great artist to create your handmade art, but you just need a few ideas and get going.

The importance of color.

There are two colors that you need to keep in mind. One for the hoodie and the other for the design. If you are choosing light colors for the hoodie, choose dark colors for your design and vice versa. Remember to choose complementary colors so that your design doesn't get lost in the color of the hoodie.

If you are designing a hoodie for your company, make sure the logo is prominently displayed. Therefore, you have to choose a bright color for the hoodie.

Another point to remember is that the colors you choose for your personalized hoodies also represent your personality. For example, if calm and quiet are what you want your hoodie to be, choose soft colors, but if you want to show off your bold and outgoing personality, go for dark and bright colors.

Image size

Printing a format on a hoodie requires a high-selection image. Your printer will help you understand the selection factor. You will need the correct image quality as poor-quality images will appear blurry in the final print.

Your photograph dimensions may be small, medium, or large. Check with your printer that the final size you've chosen for your design will be visible from at least a few feet away. This doesn't mean your design should look overpowering, nor should it be so small that it's barely noticeable. You can experiment but keep visibility and clarity as your design priority.

Design Placement

The most prominent location of the design on the hoodie is the front. Not many people prefer the back pocket design. Again, there is no rule as such. If you want to put the design on the back, sleeve, or pocket, you can do so, as long as the design is visible and attractive, and straightforward. It also depends on the occasion. For promotional hoodies, you can use the back to put a line about the offer or your services, and on the front, you can put your company logo.


We make hoodies in different sizes.
  • The most trending custom puff print hoodie design is made with premium fabric. All sizes of these custom puff print hoodies are available.
  • We can also make all kinds of hoodies in your specific sizes as per your specifications. Your sizing chart will be more helpful if you share it. The unique size chart you provide will guide our creation of new patterns.
  • • Pullover Hoodie, Half Zip Hoodie, Full Zip Hoodie, Long Sleeve Hoodie, Short Sleeve Hoodie, Sleeveless Hoodie, Performance Hoodie, etc. All those styles of hoodies are available with your logo details.
  • You can also make all kinds of sublimation hoodies according to your specifications. Our team of experts uses a piece of equipment to precisely and carefully control the digital sublimation printing process.


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